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Meet Information

2.0 Where are the meets?
Our meets are in a variety of locations including: Lake Forest, Placentia, Tustin, Anaheim, Irvine, Long Beach, Fullerton, and Seal Beach.

2.1 What are the parent’s responsibilities at a meet?
Each team is assigned a certain number of timing chairs based upon the number of swimmers their team has entered in the meet. It is expected that every family provide a timer for at least one hour of the meet. A sign-up sheet can be found in the Splash tarp. Please sign up for at least one-hour stint. Timing is actually rather fun and gives you a front row view of the pool. Depending on the pool, your responsibilities will range from pressing a button, or using a stopwatch to writing the swimmer’s time on a sheet. It’s easy and possibly the most helpful thing you can do for your team on race day.

2.2 What should my child wear?
It is always best to represent the team with Splash apparel. The team has periodic sales of clothing. In addition, team suits, backpacks, shirt, caps and parkas can be ordered. For order information please see Team Apparel on the Website. Remember to bring several towels to every meet.

2.3 How do I check in at a meet?
First, be sure to arrive early. Your child needs to locate his/her coach and begin warm-ups on time. Usually the coach budgets some time for check-in. A check-in table will be somewhere near the pool. Your child (not you) MUST check in. They will be told their event numbers and marked as present and accounted for. It’s not a bad idea for your child to write his/her event numbers on their arm. Once a swimmer has checked-in they are committed to swim. If your child does not show up at an event, he/she or the team can be penalized or even fined. If you must leave or your child gets ill, return to the administration desk and “scratch” your child. If the event is about to happen, have your child speak to the starter. The child will be asked to report to the blocks, and then excused.

2.4 How do I find out my heat and lane assignment?
When you arrive at a meet there will be a wall of information usually broken down by boy and girls. Here you will see a sheet (psych sheets) for each event. Locate your child’s events and make sure they are listed. If they are not or they are listed wrong, go to the admin tale. If they are listed correct, do nothing.

A few events before your child is to swim, a new sheet will go up. This sheet will have heat and lane assignments and will tell you what heat and lane your child will swim.

At this time he/she should report to the coaching staff and inform them of the heat and lane. The coaches will give them some last minute advice and send them off.

2.5 How does my child get to his/her event?
The coaches are very busy timing and prepping swimmers for their events and therefore cannot get your child to the starting blocks. This will be your responsibility. You need to keep an eye on the pool and watch what events are in the water. Please have your child around the blocks at least one event (not heat) prior to theirs. It is best to have them check in with the timers on their lane to be sure they’re in the right place at the right time.

2.6 What do we do after a race?
Immediately after your child’s race, after you hug him or her and tell them how well they did (not a time for criticism) send them off to the coaches who will review their time and discuss the race. If that was their last race of the day and there are no relays planned, they are free to go (please tell the coaches). If there are more races to be swum, they may want to warm down in the pool.

2.7 When does my child get his/her awards?
Ribbons and medals will be picked up by the coaches and available on the pool deck the following practice day.

2.8 The meet is outdoors and it looks like rain?
Rain does not stop a swim meet since it does not impede the swimmer’s performance. The only exception to that would be lightning.

2.9 Where do we sit at a swim meet?
You are allowed to sit anywhere you like that is not roped off. Splash brings 1 to 2 canopies to each meet and your are welcome to set up under them. Folding chairs are a must. Tarps, heaters, blankets, sleeping bags are all advisable in cold weather. You may bring your own canopies as well, please let the coach know in advance.


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