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Newly Revised Program Fees

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Seasons: Fall , Winter, Spring, Summer

All Seasons and fees are approximately 10 - 12 weeks in duration.

Fall Swim: August 28th - Nov. 17th (12 weeks)


Winter Swim:

  Session 1 Nov. 27th - Dec 22nd  (4 weeks)

       Christmas Break 12/23 - 1/7

  Session 2:  January 8th  - March1st (8 weeks)


Spring Swim 3/4 - 5/24 


Summer Swim   (June, July, early Aug) Exact dates TBA

Junior Lifeguard Prep  (Spring) dates TBA

*Program Dates subject to change depending upon pool availability and HS program priorities

Developmental Groups:

Beginning Level to intermediate competition groups

10 & Under (Red, White, Blue)

11 & Older (Black, Purple)

•Mainly Stroke instruction with some conditioning

•Development of beginning to intermediate level swimmers.

•Competition is encouraged but not mandatory.

approximately 1 hr. practice



Select Groups: (Bronze, Silver, Gold) BSG

Advanced Level Competition Groups

•Stroke Refinement with Heavy conditioning.

•Competition is required on a monthly basis. 

•While not mandatory 3-5 days practice per week expected

approximately 1.5 hrs practice

Group practice hours are approximations and not exact time of each workout.  Coaches may go slightly longer or shorter depending on the day and workouts being done that day.


All Members must join USA Swimming. 

​USA Swimming Registration

All USA Swimming Registration will be done online through USA Swimming and its SWIMS platform.

Fall Swimming 2023

           August 28th    -  November 17th

Developmental Groups         

     swimmer 1                        $450

     swimmer 2                        $425

     swimmer 3 or more          $415

Select Groups                       $525

We are offering a 1 month option: 4 consecutive weeks. $200 per.  (no multi-child discounts)

Below are old and outdated  leaving on site temporarily for reference only

Start Up  (Does Not Apply at this time)

Applies when joining the team for the 1st time or rejoining after 3 month break.

$65 Plus first 2 months of Dues commitment

Monthly Dues Sept-May (Does not apply at this time)

Splash is moving away from our monthly membership and dues

when monthly dues are in affect

They are due at the beginning of each month. You are responsible for monthly dues whether your child attends 1 or 20 practices that month. If you plan on going inactive you must notify the coaches in writing or by email. Notification must be given prior to the 1st of the month that you will be inactive otherwise you will be billed.

Inactive Status: Not in affect at this time

A swimmer may remain inactive for up to 3 months without being reassessed the startup.  If one sibling is inactive and the other stays active, then the inactive sibling can take more than 3 months off without being assessed the startup.

Late fees:

  • A late fee of $10 will be assessed if dues are paid later than the 7th of the month.

  • A late fee of $15 will be assessed if dues are paid after the 14th of the month.

Junior Lifeguard Prep 2023 (flyer)

*We have a combined 80 participant Cap

Fall Season 2023

August 28th - Nov. 17th 

Winter Season   2023 /2024

Nov. 27th - March 1st

Session 1 Nov 27th - Dec. 22nd

Session 2 Jan. 8th - Mar. 1st 

Spring Season 2024

March 3rd - May 24th 

Junior guard prep 2024

Dates TBA

Vacation Dates

Thanksgiving Break Nov. 18th - Nov. 26th

Christmas Break Dec. 23rd - Jan 7th  

Fees by group  Developmental     Select

Season                  $450                    $525

Monthly                 $200                    $225

*monthly is 4 consecutive weeks

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